Pregnancy Photographer in Kent

Maternity Portrait Photography

Pregnancy Photography is a passion of mine, picturing the love in a single image is amazing. Having the best pregnancy photos is something you will always keep and can look back on, as a photo will last forever. Therefore I think it is still essential to make sure it is perfect! 

I think doing a pregnancy shoot, is crucial to make sure you ask the mother how she wants the outcome to look, as in if she wants to become an angel standing in the natural sunlight, to simple black and white photos of her bump and partner, to then doing the silhouettes of the bump and mum. As long as the Mumma is happy and comfortable, that is all that is important within the shoot. 

Within the shoot, we can do anything you would like if you’ve seen photos online and wish to recreate how they have captured their photos we can do so.  I am happy for any family member to join in. 

Ellie Pregnancy Shoot

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