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Indoor and Outdoor Portrait Photography

Capturing the correct portrait shot can be very challenging when you are not experienced in the field, and the pictures can be used for so much, a professional headshot or if it just for a personal project, you need to find a photographer who knows what they are doing.
I have studied Portrait Photography a lot at university and focused on getting the correct light, mixed with finding the perfect angle. I played about with different lights to see what the best type of lighting is best for each model at the correct time. I also liked to play with the gels at university, as I loved to mix the colours to create beautiful colours across the faces of my models. I can do outdoor shoots which can be taken any time of the year as I love using the natural light which can be found even on a cloudy day.

Why hire a Portrait Photographer?

Why would you hire a portrait photographer? Well, you’d hire me as I can capture the perfect headshots which you can use for a wide range of things. Such as profile pictures for your business profiles or even just your Facebook profile. If your a drama student wanting headshots, you’d want them in a way that you’ll stand out against the crowd but also having the professional ones that would go to the directors of a play. 

Heres a list of reasons why you might need a portrait shoot done; 

    • Professional Headshots
    • Profile Pictures
    • Marketing
    • Corporate Websites
    • Model Photos
    • & More

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