Baby and Toddler Photographer in Kent

Baby and Toddler Photography

Baby and toddler photography can be very challenging, due to the difficulty of keeping the little one still, to get the right photo. With years of experience, growing up with younger siblings who have had to be my model with a camera sitting in front of them since the day they were born. I have learnt the best ways to getting that perfect shot, without causing the baby any stress or making them cry. If i need to wear teddy bear on a headband to get a giggle, I’ll do it as long as they are comfortable and happy that’s all that matters. It is essential to get those memories on camera, allowing you to look back seeing how much they have grown up so fast.
The family is always welcome to get in on the action with the little ones, the more, the merrier. I offer a range of different shoots with the litter ones. From them being a newborn; to their 1st and 2nd birthday, as it’s essential to document everything. This can include a cake smashing party, to them playing with their favourite toys, or even just sat down playing with mum and dad.

Jack Cake Smashing

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