Nature Photographer in Kent

My Nature Photography Shots

Nature Photography has always been an interest of mine, due to some of the fantastic places you get to visit. Also, there is no right or wrong way to photograph landscapes or animals, which makes it so creative and you can add your own personal touch/ view to everything. Growing up travelling around going to see different countries has allowed me to see some beautiful places and some places that will stay with me forever. My grandparents always taught me to appreciate the little things you get to see and do, and to me, my landscapes are my little things while travelling. 

I have a passion for flowers as my grandma and grandpa had such love for their garden. So growing up with them, I looked forward to seeing their beautiful creations in the garden every spring and summer when everything would bloom. This allowed me to realise how lucky we are to have such bright and attractive creations to see every year, that I just can’t help but photograph.

I’ve grown up always having animals around me, such as dogs and cats. But being able to travel to other countries and see their magnificate beasts, is something I’m so grateful for.


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