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Kids Parties, Events Photography

Event photography can be in many different forms. It can be in kids parties, to adult paries, to even school proms. But it doesn’t always mean parties it can mean; dinners, auctions or award ceremonies. I can cater to any event and how you’d like the outcome to look like.

Organising the event can be hard enough, making sure you’ve got enough food and drink or even making sure you’ve got enough chairs for everyone. But the one thing you won’t have to worry about is the photographs. I’m quiet and will float around the room capturing the off guard photos but also chatting away, making sure I’ve got pictures of people who will pose in front of anyone with a camera. The night is meant to be memorable and not stressful. Let me take some of the stress off and help you remember the magical events you create.
If it’s a children’s party, I will be joining in getting the kids laughing and having fun, but while capturing their little laughs while they have a blast.

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