Megan Bryony is a Freelance Photographer, covering Kent, London & Orpington


Editing is a skill you learn over time and not overnight. Each photographer will have a different style of editing, but my style is that I try to keep everything as natural as I can. I like to make sure I capture the photos correctly and perfect first-time round. If I edit my pictures, it will be little adjustments to make the images pop a little bit more. I have learnt from the best tutors at university who have taught me to use programs like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, which i use to edit my photographs. All my shoots come with edited pictures included so that you can have images to fall in love with! As you can see above with the before and after photo, it isn’t always possible to get the perfect picture, but then I can always tweak it in the final outcome to ensure It looks the best it can be.


About Me

Hello, I’m Megan Bryony, and I am a freelance Photographer based in Petts Wood near Bromley. I cover all of the UK, especially London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. I mainly focus my work in portrait photography as well as family photography specialising in capturing those special moments and memories of your children growing up as well as the bond between parent and child. I regularly execute headshot photography for a range of different clients. I also attend events to photography parties for young children. I have been doing Photography since I was 15 and studied at the South bank University. I have a passion for capturing the perfect shot and have the skill to ensure you get the shot you want and expect. A picture is the chance to look back on a certain moment or time, and that's why it needs to be perfect, so you can relive that moment over and over again. I have a love for all types of Photography and have a love for British landscapes, there are endless opportunities to photograph them.

My Portfolio

Visit my portfolio to get an idea of the style of photography I love doing. I have also included some of my projects from the time I was at South Bank University. I have a wide range of different styles I like to shoot in. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do creating it.

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